Medical Weight Loss


Let us help you achieve your weight loss goals!  Executive Medical provides custom weight loss programs here in San Diego North County.  Conveniently located and affordable, our team can you create a comprehensive solution to lose and keep weight off to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Our Program

We offer simple, easy to follow life style recommendations together with fat burning injections, vitamins, appetite suppressants, nutritional supplements and other medically proven weight loss methods so that you lose the weight safely and quickly, keep it off and achieve the body you want to have.

Benefits of Weight Loss

Improvements in Certain Health Factors Such As:

• High Blood Pressure

• High Cholesterol Levels (Depending On Family History)

• High Blood Sugar (Perfect For Type 2 Diabetic Patients.)

•  Decrease Joint Pain (less weight on  the joints.)

•  Provide More Energy

•  You Feel and Look Better

•  You Save Money in the Long Run

Program Summary

Led by Michael Woo-Ming, MD MPH, a Mayo Clinic trained physician with experience taking care of thousands of patients in North County, a visit with our doctor will include a physical exam, blood pressure checks, and body fat analysis.  An extensive history will determine the right weight loss program for you. Dr. Woo-Ming is a medical doctor and a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, the leading medical association for doctors dedicated to the comprehensive medical treatment of patients affected by obesity and associated conditions.

Our Weight Loss programs aim at delivering sensible nutrition that burn fat and reduce excess weight so that you feel and look better while maintaining a high level of energy.

All programs include:

•  A weight loss plan that is best suited for you.

•  Weekly B-12 vitamin injections and other vitamin and mineral tablets.

•  BMI analysis, weekly weigh-ins and consultations with our trained staff who is there for you.

Our intensive program can also include appetite suppressants,
Lipo (MIC) injections and/or other medications depending on your particular circumstances & preferences.


From Our Physician:

“I’ve struggled with obesity even before medical school. Years of studying and living a sedentary life, took it’s toll. I’ve been on numerous diets, and none seem to work. I realized that there is not one simple answer, and the key is to sticking with a weight loss plan for life, that meets your needs and that is custom-made for you. After seeing thousands of my own patients struggle to lose weight, there are multiple factors that can influence you. At our programs here at Executive Medical, I want you to live with a lifestyle plan that fits your needs. Let’s do this together!”  – Michael Woo-Ming, MD


Our Physician – 45 lbs lighter

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