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Do you know your T Number?

Are you having trouble recovering from your workouts? Research suggests a key factor to this is our hormone level testosterone for men.  As we get past our twenties, our testosterone level decreases. At our clinic Executive Medical, we have a number of patients who were professional or college athletes and who aren’t getting the gains than when they were in the twenties. They also suffer more soreness, and have a harder time recovering from a strenuous workout.

Testosterone plays a vital role in developing and maintaining muscle strength and muscle mass. Testosterone is also important for bone density and growth. Without enough testosterone, bones can become more brittle and more likely to fracture or break.

Testosterone also contributes to our body’s maintenance of energy levels, so this hormone can increase your energy during workouts and help improve your endurance. Finally, testosterone contributes to effective brain activity, including learning and memory skills, which is important for athletes who need to learn new plays and routines. So, if your testosterone levels are low, you might not be performing at your peak.

We provide a simple test to determine if you have Low Testosterone.

Ask about our special test for just $49. It takes 10 minutes and could be life-changing.

Give us a call at 760-290-3552.

Remember, you won’t know if you are a candidate for testosterone replacement, unless you know your “Number”.

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