We are excited to bring new lab testing to North County San Diego! Most conventional clinics provide labs that do not tell the whole story. We have teamed up with Spectracel to help determine your age and cancer risk.

Telomere Testing

Are you aging faster than you should be? We now provide Telomere testing, that can help determine your true age.

What are Telomeres?

Telomeres are cap-like strands at the end of our chromosomes. They help protect chromosomes when our cells divide. Telomeres has been liken to the plastic tips of our shoelaces, keeping our chromosomes from fraying, possibly degrading our cellular information.


As we get older, our telomeres shorten during our lifetime. This is due to our cells dividing. If our telomeres become too short, the cells are unable to divide.

The length of the telomeres are an indicator of our general health and how fast we are aging.   Shortened telemeres has been associated with aging, cancers, Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes, and higher risk of death. On the other hand, if your telomeres are too long, there may be a risk of certain cancers. NASA has been using telomere testing on their astronauts to determine outer space’s impact on aging.

Ways to keep your telomeres at a healthy length include reducing stress, obesity, and a proper diet. There are also promising supplements that may slow down the telomere process.

Want to know how you are doing, or concerned you are at risk for certain condition?   Schedule your telomere test today by calling 760-290-3552. Each patient will receive not only their lab results as well as a plan of action, to be reviewed personally by one of our medical providers.

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